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zzjson is a lightweight C library for reading, writing, querying and creating JSON objects. The basic library is character encoding agnostic, but with the proper (included) callbacks, it can support the full range of Unicode encodings. Its main objective is to be small, fast and modular. For example, if you just need to read and write (nested) arrays of numbers from and to a file, you don't need Unicode support, in which case the library can be as small as 6kB, including object file overhead.


  • You need a decent shell and userland (POSIX sh preferred)
  • Download and unpack the latest tarball
  • Run ./ or ./ or both
  • No errors? Run ./
  • Report errors on the zzjson-devel mailinglist looks at two environment variables, namely PREFIX and DESTDIR. So if you want to install to another location instead of the default /usr/local, use something like: PREFIX=/opt ./ Packagers can use: DESTDIR=/some/dir PREFIX=/usr ./

You can also incorporate the zzjson source code into your own project, either by using an Subversion external reference or by copying the code (be sure to send any improvements and bug fixes upstream to the zzjson-devel mailinglist).


API Documentation (version 1.1.x)
API Documentation (version 1.0.x)

Reporting bugs and/or patches

Detailed bug reports or patches can be sent to the zzjson-devel mailinglist.


The full version number consists of a major, minor and micro number. The meaning of those are
as follows:

  • major: major release, API/ABI changed
  • minor: minor release, API/ABI changed
  • micro: bugfixes, new features, API/ABI unchanged

There is not, and never has been, such thing as version zero.


zzjson was written by Ivo van Poorten, Copyright (C) 2008 and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1.